Overview of Dowsing Alpha

Dowsing Alpha is a blog about the effects of critical thinking on our lives.  Critical thinking comes in many forms.  From p-hacking¹ to a replication crisis² in the sciences to the under-performance of mutual funds³, critical thinking today is more relevant than ever (and sorely needed).  For every generation save the last three, it has been possible to get away with an unseemly amount of fudging, deceit, and editorializing without the awareness of the public.  These measures served their purpose in a bygone era, but they now fail to hold up to the scrutiny that characterizes the modern age of over-information.

Blogs, like the one you’re reading, are one symptom of the overarching theme of history’s progress toward openness of information.  If knowledge was once considered power, it is now considered a mixed bag.  How did this come to be?




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