About the blog:

Dowsing Alpha is a blog centered on data-driven content and down-to-earth sobriety in an industry where self-justification is an embedded part of the system.  Dowsing Alpha is built on the belief that failing strategies should be put to bed, and assumptions should be tested.  There is no inside or outside “the box.”  There is only the traditional way of doing things and the lack thereof.  Dowsing Alpha serves to challenge assumptions that fall in the former category and outline those that are successful in the latter.  Posts on Dowsing Alpha range in substance and style, and the main types are outlined here:

  • Reading The Tea Leaves – A summary of market positions and their projected returns for the upcoming month, posted on the first day of the month.
  • Bears vs. Bulls – A compilation of economic and newspaper headlines used as signals for a bearish or bullish market the following month.
  • Content Reviews – A critical overview of miscellaneous books and their implications in the educated world.
  • Data Science (Project) – A visualization/write-up combination of a phenomenon explained through numbers.

About the author:

Justin J. Loerts has degrees in finance and economics and is currently a law student at the University of Iowa.  Having worked in an academic research lab, he has been exposed to the behavioral and data-driven sides of project work.  Using quantitative and qualitative methods gained formally and informally in academia, he is working on a thesis in quantitative finance (financial programming).  In his spare time, he explores interests in: nutrition, sleep science, and the process of self-experimentation (including endurance training and power lifting); behavioral economics and moral psychology; quantitative finance and programming; data visualization and modeling; and more.

Justin J. Loerts

The author can be reached via the following:

Blog inquiries: DowsingAlphaOfficial@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinloerts

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/justin.loerts

Everyone is searching for alpha. Some are better dowsers than others.

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